ZyXEL IES-6000M (1)


768/1152 ports, 17 vertical slots with a maximum configuration of 1 MSC card and 16 line cards, Multi-service interfaces including ADSL2/2+, SHDSL, VDSL2, VoIP (SIP & H.248), fiber-based GE and E1 IMA, 10G Ethernet uplinks to provide non-blocking network interfaces, Comprehensive QoS to Enhance Triple Play users’ experience, Field proven IGMP v1, v2, v3 snooping and proxy for IPTV deployment.
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Producent: ZyXEL

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System Specification

DSL Compliant

ADSL: G.992.1 Annex A, G.992.3 Annex A, G.992.5 Annex A

G.992.1 Annex B, G.992.3 Annex B, G.992.5 Annex B

Support G.992.3 and G.992.5 Spectral Mask

Support Annex M and Annex L in G.992.3 and G.992.5

Support EOC and Overhead Channel Access

Support the latency path function

Support loop diagnostic function specified

Support the power management capability

Support the capability of the Seamless Rate Adaptation (SRA) on-line configuration

Single and dual end loop test

G.998.1 port bonding

SHDSL: G.991.2, G.991.2.bis, G.998.1

VDSL2: G.993.2, G.994.1, G.997.1.

ATM Traffic Management

Support 8 PVC per DSL port

Support UBR, CBR, rt-VBR, nrt-VBR, QoS Mechanisms

Support ATM Forum TM 4.0 peak cell rate traffic parameter

Support downstream traffic shaping function per ATM PVC

Support ATM F5 OAM cells for End-to-End Loop back test (ITU-T Rec. I.610)


Eight queues with packet priority scheduling (SPQ, WRR)

Support 1024 IGMP multicast groups

The maximum channel zapping processing time is 250 ms

DSCP to 802.1p mapping


Per port and per VLAN isolation

IEEE 802.1X (authentication)

Rule-based packet filtering (L2 ~ L4 ACL)

MAC count limiting

ARP broadcast filtering

DHCP broadcast filtering

VLAN aware DHCP snooping

NetBIOS filtering

IGMP filtering

Anti IP/MAC address spoofing

Support TACACS+ remote authentication

PPTP, LT2P, IP SEC and GRE pass through

IPoE and PPPoE per VC session


4094 IEEE 802.1Q compliant VLAN tagging

VLAN stacking ( Q-in-Q )

VLAN Bridge Function (multiple PVCs to one VLAN) (N:1)

PVC and VLAN one to one mapping (1:1)

VLAN Trunking (Single PVC join Multiple VLAN) (1:N)

Support GVRP function

Traffic Management

Bandwidth control and Broadcast/Multicast/Unknown Unicast control on Gigabit Ethernet ports

RSTP : IEEE 802.1d, IEEE 802.1w, IEEE 802.1s

IP Bridge

IEEE 802.3ad (Link Aggregation Control Protocol)

IP multicast forwarding

IGMP v1, v2 snooping/proxy

IGMP multicasting channel limiting

VLAN aware DHCP snooping

DHCP Relay Option 82 with Sub-option 1 & 2

TR-101 compliant PPPoE intermediate Agent

Multicast bandwidth control


IGMP group count / filtering profile

VoIP Features

Codes: G.711, G.726, G.729a/b, G.723.1

Network signaling protocols: ITU-T H.248 v2, SIP v2 (RFC3261)

RTP (RFC 1889)

RTCP (RFC 1890)

FAX/Modem pass through (T.38) via RTP

Tone detection and generation (bi-directional)RFC2833 RTP Payload for DTMF

Echo cancellation and auto gain control (G.165, G.168)

Voice Activity Detection (VAD)

Comfort Noise Generation (CNG)

Caller ID generation and detection

Supplementary services

Local dial available

Emergency call local route

Do not disturb

Selective/Anonymous call rejection

Call waiting

Call transfer (blind and attended transfer)

Call return and call back on busy

Off hook warning tone

Network Management

Local management through a craft terminal

Web-based Management Interface

View-based Network Management

Support XML-based North Bound Interface (through ZyXEL NetAtlas EMS)

In-band and out-of-band IP interface for management (SSH, SFTP)

SNMP management (through ZyXEL NetAtlas EMS)

SNMPv1/v2c/V3 agent/traps

Standard MIBs


ADSL Line MIB (RFC2662)/ Extension Line MIB(RFC 3440)

SHDSL Line MIB (RFC 3276)

VDSL line MIB (RF3728)

Bridge MIB/Extension MIB


Vendor specific MIBs, e.g.

Chassis Management MIB (Fan Speed, Voltage, Temperature)

Static route for MGMT IP

Hardware Specifications


17-slot rack mountable enclosure, 19" or 23" chassis

Maximum 16 slots for DSL line cards (slot 1~7, 8 or 9, 10~17)

2 slots for management and switch cards (Slot 8 & 9)

2 DC power input module and filter

One FAN and dust filter module

One Alarm Module

Management Switch Cards—MSC1224GB/MSC1024GB

Failover-enabled network termination card

Embedded 48G, non-blocking full duplex switching fabric

MSC1224GB supports two 10G (SFP+) and four 1G uplink/subtending interfaces:

2 optical fiber port (SFP+ modules)

4 1000 Mbps interface modules (combo design, SFP and copper)

MSC1024GB supports four 1G Ethernet uplink/subtending interfaces:

4 1000 Mbps interface modules (combo design, SFP and copper)

One RS232 (DB-9) serial or mini-RJ11 console port

One 10/100M out-of-band Mgmt interface

16 Gigabit Ethernet (SerDes) backplane interface

16K MAC addresses

1024 L2 multicast groups (1K scalability)


IPv6 capable

E1 IMA Card—IMA1408G-81

Hot swappable 8-port E1 IMA card, 8 groups per card

Support G.703, G.704

Full-duplex bandwidth up to 16M

One mini-RJ11 console port

Support RFC1483/1577/2364/2684

Support ATM Forum Rec UNI 3.0, UNI 3.1, UNI 4.0

Support ITU-TI.361, I.371, G.804

VDSL Line Card—VLC1424G-56

Hot swappable 24-port VDSL2 line card

Support G.993.2, G.994.1, G.997.1

Maximum transmission rate up to 100 Mbps/100 Mbps

One mini-RJ11 console port

Two gigabit backplane

Support VDSL2 profiles 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 12a,12b, 17a and 30a

Support frequency allocation bandplan 998 and 997

Support customer PSD, RFI notch, singlelatency in PTM mode and INP

Support trellis coding

Support IEEE 802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management (CFM)

IPv6 capable

VDSL Line Cards—VLC1348G-51/VLC1348G-53

Hot swappable 48-port VDSL2 line card over POTS and over ISDN

Support G.993.2, G.994.1, G.997.1

Maximum transmission rate up to 100 Mbps/ 50 Mbps

One mini-RJ11 console port

Two gigabit backplane

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